Indore Regional Purchase and Stores Unit [IRP & SU] 

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Indore Regional Purchase and Stores Unit [IRP & SU] consists of two units-IRPU and IRSU. Both of them were working under the administrative control of Director, Directorate of Purchase and Stores, [DPS], Mumbai. The DPS was decentralized on August 1, 1994 and all functional powers were given to regional units. Presently, these units (IRPU and IRSU) work under overall control of Director, RRCAT and assisted by Regional Director ( P & S).
  • Indore Regional Purchase Unit
  • Indore Regional Stores Unit
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Indore Regional Purchase Unit

The IRPU, Indore Regional Purchase Unit was set to cater to the purchase activity of various Programmes of RRCAT. Initially, it was concluding the purchase contracts up to Rs. Three Lakhs (Rs.0.3 Million) value of stores and equipments till 1st aug 1994. After this date, the purchasing powers of IRPU were enhanced to cover all purchases including foreign exchange items, and rupee purchases of all values. IRPU is maintaining a huge database of indigenous and foreign suppliers and the entire purchase correspondence including order & enquiry printing is computerized. To facilitate quick and prompt actions, extensive use FAX and e-mail is being made. Apart from imports, IRPU also undertakes exports of rejected consignments, and certain other items which are developed and fabricated by RRCAT, as a part of the Indian contribution towards international agreements signed with foreign laboratories.

Indore Regional Stores Unit

The Indore Regional Stores Unit, (IRSU) is responsible for receipt, storage, and distribution of all consignments received at RRCAT, Indore. It maintains the records of all equipments received in RRCAT, all F&F items, and arranges to stock the common user items. The stores unit works hand in hand with IRPU in receipts/ dispatches of consignments against purchase orders /export orders /rejected items etc.

Staff of IRP & SU

Regional Director [IRP&SU] : Sh. R.Banwari
  • Purchase Officer : Sh. M. Sivaprasad
  • Stores Officer : Smt. Geetha S. Unnithan
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