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Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADAS)

SCADA System for Infrared Free Electron Laser(IRFEL)

Infrared Free Electron Laser (IRFEL) is being developed at MAASD, RRCAT. It consists of various subsystems like vacuum, RF, beam transport line, undulator and other auxillary subsystems. We have developed supervisory control and data acquisition system for IRFEL. IRFEL control system comprises of 5 Industrial PCs(IPC) for various subsystems. Multiple monitors 2/4 are connected to each IPC in order to accommodate GUIs for large number of parameters. For subsystems interface, the IPCs have multiple RS 485 ports, RS 232 ports, ethernet ports and GPIB ports. The subsystems of IRFEL are as following:

Vacuum System : Vacuum monitoring and data logging system provides monitoring of BA gauge monitors consisting of RS 485 network of 4 vacuum gauges(Agilent XGS 600). GUI for 20 SIPs Power Supply Control provide their control from control room.

Area Radiation Monitoring: Control Software provides data logging and alarming facility of ARMs and BLMs (total 12 no.) in the control room.

476 MHz LLRF RF control : 476 MHz LLRF system requires control of amplitude, phase, on/off, interlock monitoring remotely. 4 number of inhouse developed controllers having 16-no. of isolated analog I/O, 24-no. of digital inputs and 16-numbers of potential free contacts are installed. NI-PCI DAQ card are used for monitoring forward and reflected pulses. Motorized control of pre-buncher tuner is also provided.

S-Band LLRF and HPRF control : The S-band control involves LLRF control with standard instruments ( 2 DSOs, 4 Hameq Power Supplies, RF generator) and one inhouse developed module. This developed module consists of two number of micro-controller based cards having 16-bit analog output. HPRF system consists of High voltage DC power supply, chiller unit, interlock & status monitoring, filament power supply, thyratron heater power supplies, thyratron reservoir, electromagnet power supplies. A control system having 3 numbers of controllers (specifications below) has been installed.

Micro-controller P89v51RD2
Digital inputs 24 channel TTL input
Digital outputs 16 channel relay output
Analog inputs 16 channel 12-bit isolated 0-10V, 2 channel 16-bit 0-10V
Analog outputs 16 channel 12-bit isolated 0-10V, 2 channel 16-bit 0-10V
Network topology Star
Communication with PC RS-485

Beam transport line magnets Power Supplies Control : Control Software for 45 magnet power supplies of beam transport line provides facility for on/off, setpoint, readback, fault monitoring and warning/error signals.

Beam Position monitoring system: 5 in-house developed motor controllers are used to control 12 beam position monitors and 2 slits. The 5 controllers are networked in daisy chain fashion on RS485.

Trigger / timing System: A BNC make 8-CH Programmable timing generator is used to generate trigger/timing signals to synchronise IRFEL subsystems.

Search and Secure System: A hardwired search & secure system is installed consisting of search and secure units at 8 locations. Control software is monitors micro-controller based monitoring unit. Monitoring of IRFEL tunnel search operation is done and appropriate messages/warnings in Audio-Visual form are issued. Automated announcements system airs audio messages and warnings.

Control softwares for Phase shifter, Undulator and corrector coils, Chiller System (3 chillers) and tunnel temperature & Waveguide N2 pressure monitoring have been installed. A unit based on AT89LP51RD2 microcontroller has been installed for data acquisition of 4-CH temperature & 4-CH pressure monitors.

SCADA System for CUTE-FEL (Compact Ultrafast Terahertz Free Electron Laser)

A supervisory control system is developed for CUTE-FEL project at RRCAT. The setup consists of Pulsed thermioninc gun, Linear Accelerator (linac), Beam transport line (BTL) and undulator assembly. There are various ancillary systems, which takes care of vacuum in linac and BTL, gas pressure in wave-guide assembly, radiation monitors etc.

We have designed a SCADA system based on Master-Slave architecture. The distributed architecture has a Master PC with 8 subsystem slave controllers(MCS-51 based), 4 vacuum gauges, RF signal generator, BPM controller connected to it in star topology over a RS485 network. The Master PC provides a Man Machine Interface (MMI) for machine operation from a remote control room. There is a separate Supervisor PC to monitor critical beam parameters. The Master PC connects to Supervisor PC on a 100 Mbps Ethernet link. The Supervisor PC has 2 DSOs to monitor the forward & reverse pulses and RF Power meter connected over a GPIB network. The Master PC houses dual monitors for displaying large no. of parameters. We have incorporated various safety features in software as well as hardware for safe operation of the system.

Control system for Vertical Test Stand

(In association with ACD)
RRCAT has developed Vertical Test stand to evaluate performance of indigenous developed Super Conducting Radio Frequency Cavities (SCRFC). As part of this activity a PLC based control system is developed to monitor & control various parameters of the process. The control system is based on Siemens make S7-300 PLC with 16-channel Digital I/O, 8-channel Analog I/O. Various monitoring devices for temperature, level with digital interface are also interfaced with PC. This control system has PC with Graphical User Interface to control and monitor VTS cryogenics parameters. A graphical User Interface has developed by using WinCC software.

Data Acquisition and Control System for MOVPE Growth

PLC based control unit for Copper Vapour Laser System

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based control unit is developed for monitoring and control of the operation of copper vapour laser system. In PLC program different interlocks have been incorporated to operate the laser system safely and reliably. Human machine interface with TFT display and touch input is provided to acquire user inputs and display status of different parameters.

Automation of Precise Synchronization Control for Laser Chain

Laser units in MOPA configuration needs to be synchronised precisely for optimized performance. Lab -View based setup developed that provides close loop control for precision synchronization of Copper laser MOPA system. The software provides delay setting with sub-nanosecond precision and user friendly graphical user interface (GUI). It also has provision for setting copper laser parameters like pulse repetition rate, and monitoring laser power stability over long operating periods.

Dye temperature control unit for tuneable dye laser

Thermoelectric cooler based dye temperature control unit has been developed which provide dye solution temperature stability better than ±0.2 °C for the temperature at user selectable temperature up to 5 °C below from ambient. This unit is interfaced to the PC using RS232 interface and software is developed by which user can set the desired temperature and monitor the current temperature with temperature logging facility.

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