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Major research activities of RRCAT are on design, development and utilization of advanced Light Sources such as Lasers and Synchrotron Radiation Sources. Optical Design and Developement Lab (ODDL) was established at this center with the aim of fabrication, refurbishing and polishing of optical components for various research activities of this center. Optical fabrication techniques for the fabrication of specialized optical components have been developed along with related testing/characterization techniques. Apart from optical fabrication, ODDL is involved in research related to optical metrology, generation of optically smooth surfaces on different optical materials etc.

The laboratory has developed techniques for polishing Nd-Glass, Nd-YAG and Nd-YLF laser rods and Nd-Glass amplifier disks, polishing of optical components made from different non-linear and electro-optic crystals such as LiNbO3, KTP, hygroscopic materials such as KDP, KD*P, ADP, BBO etc, metal mirrors such as Copper, Copper-Nickel, Stainless Steel and Molybdenum, glass components for different types of dye laser cells, CaF2 , KCl windows, BK-7 and fused silica optical components such as windows, parallel plates, wedged plates, lenses, prisms (Penta, Corner cube, Dove, Fresnel Rhomb, Right angled), Glass Axicons, Super smooth optical surfaces on BK-7 and Fused silica substrates, for Etalons, cylindrical & Toroidal optical surfaces, polarization optical components such as wave plates, Nomarski prisms etc. Indigenous and in-house developed machines and test equipments have been used for fabrication and characterization of optical components.

For further details, please contact:
Mr. M. P. Kamath
Head, Optical Design and Development Lab,
Phone: +91 731 248 8464, +91 731 244 2633
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