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High Energy Laser Development Laboratory ( HELDL )

High Energy Laser Development Laboratory (HELDL) has specialized in research and development of high energy, high power (HEHP) lasers, related technologies and applications. Our experience spans, inter alia, simulation studies, design and development of high energy high power lasers working in both ns and fs duration, fiber amplifiers and setting up of laser plasma interaction experimental facilities.

The laboratory has constructed Nd:Glass based two arm high energy high power laser system capable of generating laser pulses of 1ns pulse duration with pulse energy of 200 J per arm (λ=1.054 μm) and a 40 TW hybrid Ti:sapphire- Nd: glass laser system based on Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) technique delivering 24 J of energy in ~600 fs. Besides, the aforementioned, the laboratory is involved in, indigenous development of Nd: glass rods and discs in collaboration with Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute(CGCRI), Kolkata. We are also engaged in research and development of fiber optic frontend for high energy lasers consisting of pulse shaping and pre-amplification of low energy pulses along with its spatial shaping. We are also involved in studies of high energy density plasma physics experiments like equation of state studies, studies related to different plasma diagnostics etc.

The research activity at HELDL continues to strengthen the traditional technical capabilities and expand them into exciting new areas and upkeep of the cutting edge technology.

High Energy Laser Development Laboratory ( HELDL )

For further details, please contact:
Shri N.S. Benerji
Head, High Energy Laser Development Laboratory
Phone: +91-731-244-2626
Fax: +91-731-248-8430
Email: nsb (at)
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