Laser Material Processing Division

Pulsed Laser and Atomic Layer Deposition based Advance Material Research

Currently the development of nanostructured metal oxide semiconductors and high-k dielectrics and studies on their multi-functional properties and their correlations are globally a frontline research area for the realization of cost effective and environ friendly technologies of energy harvesting and storage for powering micro and nano-electronic devices and highly energy efficient non-volatile data storage and light sensing technologies such as resistive switching memories and deep UV photodetectors. Besides commercial applications, the nanostructured metal oxide based devices also have potential applications in ’hot’ areas with nuclear radiation and harsh environments, because they are highly resistant to radiation damage and chemically more stable compared to other cotemporary materials.

At LMPD we have strong research activity on the growth of epitaxial thin films, nanostructured multilayers and quantum structures of technologically important oxide semiconductors and high-k dielectrics using contemporary features of Pulsed Laser Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition techniques and their characterizations for deep UV photonics, transparent electronics, resistive switching memory, vibration energy harvesting and energy storage applications. Our research areas, important results and available growth and characterization facilities with the group are briefly presented below:

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