Indus Synchrotrons Utilization Division

Multilayer Growth facilities

Magnetron sputtering system

DC& RF magnetron system is a custom designed for making large x-ray optics.

Different facilities have been setup for making thin film and multilayer structure for x-ray optics applications.


  • Cathode size: 500mm×100mm
  • Both DC and RF compatibility
  • Vacuum ~2×10-8 mbar
  • DC power 2 kW and RF power 600W.
  • RF Sputter etcher (1 kW) for substrate cleaning in load lock chamber.
  • Fully automated from sample loading to sample unloading.

For the fabrication of x-ray multilayer structures over large area figured substrates of 300×100 mm2 a custom designed DC/RF magnetron system has been setup. The system has a load lock chamber for cleaning the substrates. An ion gun is mounted for surface cleaning. The main process chamber houses two rectangular magnetrons of 500×100 mm2. The magnetron can be operated in DC and RF modes. The base pressure of the process chamber is 2×10-8 mbar. Masks of certain shapes can be mounted in front of the plasma for obtaining a certain thickness profile for the given figured surface. The plasma current/power can be controlled to maintain constant sputtering rate. Substrate can be moved in front of the two plasma sources with a predefined speed. The whole deposition process is computer controlled. In the process the film thicknesses are controlled by plasma current and the cycles of the substrate movement nevertheless two quartz crystal monitors are also installed for insitu thickness monitoring.

Ion assisted UHV electron beam evaporation system

 The e-beam evaporation system is developed using two 6kW electron guns.

E-beam evaporation setup
    • Two electron guns each with 6kW
    • One electron gun has three crucibles with 15 CC each and other gun has four crucibles with 7 CC each.
    • Source to substrate distance ~700mm.
    • Sample Load lock chamber
    • Low energy ion source with energy upto 200 eV, actual ion current monitoring facility near the substrate. Mode of operation both continuous and pulse.
    • Vacuum~ 2×10-9 mbar

An ultra high vacuum electron beam evaporation system has been developed, using two multi crucible 6kW electron guns. A grid less ion source is available for ion assisted deposition. Quartz crystal oscillator is employed for thickness monitoring. Vacuum quality is monitored using a residual gas analyzer. Sample loading- unloading is done using a sample load-lock chamber. Large distance of 700 mm between sample and e-gun ensures the high uniformity over a 300 mm sample length.

Ion beam sputtering system

Using a 3cm DC Kaughmann ion the ion beam sputtering setup indigenously developed for thin film and multilayer fabrications.


  • Variable ion energy
  • Dual target arrangement
  • high vacuum environment
  • Good thickness control
  • Insitu quartz crystal thickness monitor

Using a 3 cm broad beam ion source (Kaufmann), an ion beam sputtering system has been setup. The sputtering from is carried out ~ 5×10-4 mbar pressure. Prior to starting the sputtering process, the deposition chamber is evacuated to 1 X10-7 mbar. Quartz crystal thickness monitor is installed for in-situ thickness control. The system is being used regularly to deposit x-ray multilayers of different target materials.

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