Industrial Accelerators Section

High power Industrial Electron Accelerator:

Development of 2.5 MeV/ 100 kW air-core transformer type Industrial Accelerator is in progress at RRCAT in collaboration with Budkar Institute of Nuclear physics, Russia. Energy of the accelerator can be varied from 1 to 2.5 MeV with electron beam current up to 50 mA and maximum beam power up to 100 kW. It is to be used for long term, round the clock continuous operation under industrial condition. Following table shows the design specification of the system.

Operating Voltage

1-2.5 MeV

Max. beam Current

50 mA@ 2.5 MeV

Max. Beam Power

100 kW

Energy Dispersion

0.5 % at 2.0 MeV

Electron Gun

Indirectly heated triode electron gun with LaB6­ as emitter.

Maximum heater power

60 W

Accelerating Tube

PVA glued Accelerating tubes from BINP

HV Scheme

Air core transformer at frequency of 400-1000 Hz

Beam Scanning width

50 cm-140 cm

Scanning frequency

50 Hz along the scanner and 1kHz in transverse direction.

Schematic diagram of High Power Industrial accelerator

Experiments have been performed at BINP, Novosibirsk Russia for the measurement of beam energy using calibrated energy probe, measurement of beam current, measurement of linear density distribution of the beam current under the extraction device window and long time tests for its stable operation and are reported in InPAC 2006 [3]. Following photograph shows assembly of primary windings at RRCAT ready for test with inverter.

Primary windings of HPIA

Potential applications of 2.5 MeV / 100 kW Accelerator in India:

  • Sterilization e.g. urine specimen cards
  • Artificial leather for footwear production
  • Paper pulp sheet for viscose
  • Grains irradiation
  • Waste water treatment
  • Cables
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