Industrial Accelerators Division

Activities of Industrial Accelerators Division

  • Electron beam irradiation services

    IAD is providing electron beam and X-ray processing and irradiation services for experimental samples for research and development work using a 10 MeV electron linac located in RRCAT. If you are interested in availing the electron beam processing or X-ray irradiation for your experimental samples, please fill-in the request given at Point 4.6 below and send at with a copy to

    • Electron beam irradiation – For research samples up to few kg and doses from 10 Gy up to hundreds of MGy
    • Photon (X-ray) irradiation - For research samples up to few kg and doses from 10 Gy up to 1 kGy
    • Dosimetry – Dosimetry report along with the irradiated sample can be provided if requested.
    • Microbial analysis of the samples- A well-equipped microbial analysis laboratory is available at IAD.
    • Examples of irradiations done – Crop seeds for mutation breeding, agricultural commodities for phytosanitary research, medical samples, irradiation study of components for space applications, electronic components, materials samples for research including steels and glasses.
      Figure- 6 Electron beam produced mutant variety of TG-68 ground nut and nobel mutants of black grams
      Figure- 7 X-ray irradiation of mango for Phytosanitary and Shelf-life extension research Figure-8 Irradiation of components for space applications
      Figure-9 Irradiation of materials samples for research- Various types of Glasses, Denture material etc.

    • Request for sample irradiation and undertaking
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