Chemical Treatment Facility
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1. Effect of Microbes on Electroplating solutions.
P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak and S.N.Vyas
Bulletin of Electrochemistry15 (5-6), May-June 1999,pp169-173

2. Chemical Cleaning of Aluminium Alloy Vacuum chambers of Indus-2 P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak, A.V.Kargaonkar, Jagannath, K.C.Ratnakala, Pragya Tripathi and S.N.Vyas
Transactions of the Metal Finishers Association of India Volume 11, No.2 (April-June 2002), pp 83-87

3. UV-Visible Spectrophotometer a practical tool to determine metallic concentrations of electroplating baths instantaneously.
B.Q.Khattak, P.Ram Sankar and S.N.Vyas
Indian Surface Finishing, Volume 1, No.1(Jan-Mar 2004), pp 92-99
1. Design Fabrication and testing of a large cylindrical vacuum vessel for proton linear accelerator.
S.C.Joshi, S.Raghvendra, P.K.Kulshreshtha, A.Yedle, P.Ram Sankar, S.N.Vyas and A.S.Rajarao
IVSNS 1999, Pilani.

2. Cleaning and pretreatment of Aluminium alloys used in Indus-2 vacuum chambers.
K.C.Ratnakala, Tripti Bansod, KVANPS Kumar, P.Ram Sankar, S.N.Vyas, S.K.Shukla and A.S.Rajarao IVSNS 2001, IISc, Bangalore

3..Electrochemical surface preparation of Stainless steel vacuum components of Indus-1.
P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak and S.N.Vyas
Tenth National Convention of Electrochemists, April 2001, Karaikudi.

4. Analysis of Complex electroplating effluent: Interference can be tackled. B.Q.Khattak, P.Ram Sankar and S.N.Vyas
Tenth National Convention of Electrochemists, April 2001, Karaikudi.

5. Development of deionisation cartridge for Nd:YAG solid state laser system "An import substitute".
B.Q.Khattak, P.Ram Sankar, S.NVyas and Beena Jain
National Laser Symposium 2003

6. On the Viscosity of Ethanol and Ethanol-ethylene glycol mixture as solvent for Rhodamine 6G Dye Laser.
R.Chaube, B.Q.Khattak, Nageswar Singh, and R.Bhatnagar
National Laser Symposium 2003.

7. Electrochemical synthesis of nanowires in porous anodic aluminium oxide templates.
P.Ram Sankar, Pragya Tiwari, R.V.Nandedkar and S.N.Vyas.
46th Annual DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, December 2003, Gwalior.

8. Electrodeposition of Copper on Stainless steel Radio frequency cavity of Indus-1.
P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak, A.P.Singh, S.K.Sharma, M.B.Kadam, C.Manikandan, C.R.Singh and S.N.Vyas.
Indian Particle Accelerator Confrence, 2003, Indore

9. Electroforming of Copper by Periodic Reversal Process.
P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak, A.K.Jain, R.Kaul, P.Ganesh, A.K.Nath, Ajit Amban and A.Pagare.
International Conference on Surface Engineering, August 2004, Bangalore
Internal Reports
1. CAT/98-04 Role of fungus in Electroless Nickel plating and its Management.
B.Q.Khattak, P.Ram Sankar, S.N.Vyas, Sheetal Verma, Pranali Waikar and S.Patil

2. CAT/2000-06 Copper deposition of first prototype plane wave transformer linac structure.
P.Ram Sankar, B.Q.Khattak, S.K.Sharma and S.N.Vyas

3. CAT/2000-20 Development of deionisation cartridge for Nd:YAG solid state laser system"A import substitue".
B.Q.Khattak, S.N.Vyas and Beena Jain.

4. CAT/2001-11 Electrodeposition- A move towards Zero waste disposal technique.
B.Q.Khattak, P.Ram Sankar and S.N.Vyas

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