Precision Power Supplies Division
Power Supplies Activities

The Power Supplies Division is involved in research and development of various power supplies required primarily for the various accelerators at Centre for Advanced Technology. 

Over the years, a large number of power supplies have been designed, developed and successfully deployed for various applications. The application requirements and specifications of the power supplies are diversified: the power rating ranges from few watts to few 100s of kilo watts; the output is ac, dc, fast-ramping or even in the form of high-power micro-second pulses; stability varies in the range of 0.005 to 0.1 per cent.

The power electronics technology is rapidly progressing with the motive of miniaturization, higher efficiency and better power quality. Therefore, emphasis is also on the development and application of state-of-art technologies, topologies, components and control methodology.

The details of the activities are as follows:

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Shri A. C. Thakurta
Head, Precision Power Supplies Division
P.O.: CAT, Indore - 452 013
Phone :+91-731-248-8048
Email: thakurta (at)

Shri R. Banwari
Head, Power Converters Division
P.O.: CAT, Indore - 452 013
Phone :+91-731-248-8785
Email: banwari (at)

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