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Converters Development Laboratory (CDL) is part of Power Converters Division (PCD) in RRCAT. The main mandate of this group is to develop power supplies for various electromagnets in Indus accelerator complex. Major power supplies developed by this group are energizing magnets for Microtron dipole, booster dipoles, booster vertical steering coils, Indus-1 dipoles, Transport Line-3 dipoles, Indus-2 sextupoles, and Indus-2 skew quadrupole coils. Apart from these, a large number of power supplies (almost 200 nos.) have been developed for various steering coils in Indus-1, Indus-2, and electron beam transport lines-2 and 3. Different topologies have been used, viz. - SCR systems, series pass transistor regulators, and switching mode schemes for different power supplies. All the high power supplies are water cooled. Standard interlocks for water failure, over voltage, over current etc. are used in all the power supplies. This group has also been involved in providing electronics support and developing various power electronic systems for other groups in RRCAT - like Superconducting Magnet group (energizing and quench detection during cryogenic testing at RRCAT for MCS/MCDO magnets supplied to CERN), Chemical Treatment Facility (bipolar pulsed power systems for electroplating), and Indus Synchrotron Utilization Division (various power supplies, power amplifiers) etc. This group is also engaged in various measurements on Indus power supplies and developing techniques for measuring current stability of power supplies.

For more information, please contact:

Shri Anand Pagare
Head, Converter Development Lab
Phone: +91-731-248-8034
Email: apagare(at)rrcat.gov.in
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