Ultracapacitor Charger

Ultracapacitors, also known as Supercapacitors, offer many advantages over batteries such as large number of charge-discharge cycles, low ESR, high efficiency, high power density and low heating. Therefore, ultracapacitors are being increasingly used in portable electrical and electronic devices and transportation in conjunction with batteries. It is hoped that in near future, automotive industry will deploy ultracapacitors as a replacement for batteries. Another advantage of ultracapacitor is its ability of being charged quickly.

A compact, scalable, standard 4U card sized constant-current charger has been developed using high frequency, soft-switching resonant converter. The power converter is an inherent current source with passive output voltage clamping capable of direct parallel operation (to increase output current) without any current sharing control. Required control and interface is simple and therefore rugged for industrial application. The developed charger has been designed for ? 48 V DC input, 10 A output current, 15 V maximum charging voltage and tested with 58 F ultracapacitor. The same card can easily be re-configured for other specific application requirements.

Interested parties with experience in electronics, power electronics and automotive applications and having or interested in setting-up facilities for production of this equipment can send their enquiries to:

Dr. Sendhil Raja S.
Head, Technology Transfer Cell
Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology
Indore - 452 013 M.P.
Email:sendhil (at) rrcat.gov.in