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Indus Accelerator Operation
We contribute in a major way in the regular operation of Indus facility, since members of this group work as Shift-in-charge to lead the operation crews. Other members of IOAPDD also contribute. Operation of Microtron is an additional responsibility, specifically attended by our group.

Upkeep & up gradation Radiation Safety System of Indus Accelerator Complex
For ensuring safety of personnel from radiation, we have devised and installed elaborate Personal Protection system (PPS) and Radiation Monitoring system (RMS) in Indus Accelerator Complex. This includes radiation monitors supplied by BARC and ECIL and data-acquisition, storage and display facility provided by Accelerator Control Section, RRCAT. The PPS consists of search and secure, door interlocks, access control, CCTV and public address facilities. RMS consists of large ensemble of radiation monitors with alarms placed throughout the Complex. These systems cover the machine areas as well as the user beamlines.

Radiation Instrumentation Activities:

  • Maintenance & calibration of all Radiation Monitoring Instruments such as AREA RADIATION MONITORS/ BEAM LOSS MONITORS/ ENVIRONMENT RADIATION MONITORS/ NEUTRON FLUX METERS/ NEUTRON REM METERS/SYNCHROTRON RADIATION MONITORS etc. and modification of existing monitors as per requirements of the Health Physics Unit. Health Physics persons are also involved in some of the above activities.
  • Design & Development of the PLC & PC based complete SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system for the propose Radiation Calibration Cell.


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Team members:

  1. R.G. Marathe
  2. R.K. Gupta
  3. D.S. Thakur
  4. Vimal Bhatnagar
  5. A.D. Kherde
  6. V. Ramesh
  7. P. Haridas
  8. Mukesh Khare
  9. J. Azhakuvelavan

Photographs of Radiation Monitors used at Indus Accelerator complex

Beam Loss Monitor
Area Radiation Monitor
Environmental Monitor
Neutron Flux Monitor
Low Range SR Monitor
High Range SR Monitor
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