Design & Manufacturing Technology Division
Fabrication Facilities Section

We have Following Fabrication & Welding machines:

  1. Drilling Machines
  2. Shearing Machines
  3. Band Saw
  4. Hydraulic Press
  5. Plate Bending Machine
  6. Press Brake
  7. CNC Water jet cutting machine
  8. TIG Welding Machines
  9. Air Plasma Cutting Machine
  10. Paint Shop

1. Drilling Machines

We have four types of drilling machines:
1.1 CNC drill tap center

CNC drill tap center
M/s. BFW Bangalore make, model Dhruva
Drilling Capacity: dia. 20.0 mm
Table working area: 650 x 400 mm
X- axis stroke : 500 mm
Y- axis stroke : 400 mm
Z- axis stroke : 350 mm
Max. loading capacity: 250 Kg
Positional accuracy: +/- 0.005 mm
Repeatability: +/- 0.003 mm

1.2 Radial Drilling Machine

 Radial Drilling Machine

1.3 Radial Drilling Machine (RM 65)

Radial Drilling Machine (RM 65)
M/s. HMT make, model RM-65
Drilling capacity: Dia. 85.00 (with reduced speeds and feeds).
Tapping: 70.0 mm metric fine threads subjected to availability of tap.
Working Range:
Max. drilling radius: 2350 mm
Min. drilling radius: 550 mm
Max. distance -
Base plate to spindle: 1645 mm
Min. distance -
Base plate to spindle: 380 mm
Spindle traverse: 325 mm
Working surface of base plate: 2320 x 1000 mm
Standard box table:
Length X Width X Height : 600 x 500 x 500 mm
Drilling spindle:
Morse taper in spindle nose: MT5
Spindle speeds: 12
Range of speeds: 40 – 1800 rpm
Feeds: 6
Range of feeds: 0.125 – 1.25 mm/ rev
Max. drilling thrust: 1650 Kg.

1.4 Swing Radial Drilling Machine

Swing Radial Drilling Machine
There are two radial drilling machine with drilling capacity of 25 mm diameter.
Spindle traverse: 150 mm.
Distance between piller and spindle- Max.: 700 mm, Min.: 275 mm.,
Working Area: 530 X 640 mm

1.5 Bench Drilling Machine

Bench Drilling Machine
Bench Drilling Machine has drilling capacity of 20 mm diameter.

2 Shearing Machines

There are two shearing machines of different capacity.
2.1 Hydraulic plate shearing machine with NC back gauge

Hydraulic plate shearing machine with NC back gauge
Capacity - MS plate of 12mm thick x 3000mm length can be cut (max. size)

2.2 Mechanical Shearing Machine

Mechanical  Shearing Machine
The machine has a capacity to cut 6mm thick for mild steel plate in 1530mm length.

3. Band saw machine

Band saw machine
Maximum cutting capacity dia. 260 mm.

Band saw machine
Maximum cutting capacity dia. 500 mm.

4. Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press
100 T hydraulic and mechanical press. Main table size of hydraulic press is 1000mm x 800mm. Working height is 710mm. Die cushion tonnage and stroke is 30 tons and 150 mm respectively.

5. Plate Bending Machine

Plate Bending Machine
M/s. Himalaya, Vadodara make
The bending capacity of the machine is specified in thickness and width of the sheet.
The maximum rolling capacity of the machine is 2.5 B. R. to 5.0.B.R. in diameter and 9 mm thickness for plate having YP of 70 Kg/mm2.

6. Press Brake

Press Brake
Maximum bending capacity of 3.0 mm thickness in Mild Steel.

7. CNC Water jet cutting machine

CNC Water jet cutting machine
Specifications: X, Y, Z span of CNC gantry 3000 x1500 x150 mm (max. thick 150mm can be cut)
High pressure pump – Intensifier type
Make- KMT Water jet system USA Model- H2O JET 50
Pressure range 500 to 4100 bar
Automatic Abrasive Delivery System- KMT water jet system Model-FEEDLINE V
Abrasive cutting head- KMT water jet system Model-ACTIVE AUTO LINETM II

8. TIG Welding Machines

We have five TIG welding machines of minimum amperage 6 amp and max of 330 amp capacity. Out of which three machines are inverter type, one welding transformer with welding current range 40 - 300 Amps.

(i) ACCUTIG (Inverter Type) AC/DC TIG Welding Machine

ACCUTIG (Inverter Type) AC/DC TIG Welding Machine
1) Output current range
a) AC Current : 10 to 300 Amp
b) DC Current: 4 to 300 Amp
2) Rated duty cycle: 40%
3) Pulse Frequency: 0.5 to 500 Hz
4) Pulse Ratio: 15 to 85 %
5) Output current at 100% duty cycle: 190 Amp

(ii) REHM 330 INVERTIG AC/DC TIG Welding

1) Output current range: 6 to 330 Amp

a. Max. output current(TIG) at 55 % duty cycle: 330 Amp
b. Max. output current(TIG) at 100% duty cycle: 265 amp

(iii) Memco Welding Machine

Memco Welding Machine
Welding current range: 10 – 300 amp DC ARC/TIG Duty Cycle: 60%

9. Air Plasma Cutting Machine

Air Plasma Cutting Machine
It is an air plasma-cutting machine having CNC gantry. The maximum capacity of this machine is 70 mm for stainless steel. Size of the gantry
X-3000, Y-2000 mm

10 Paint Shop

In the paint shop we have spray painting facility with paint curing oven. Paint shop is manned by one skilled technician.

Team Members

Shri V.K. Bhatnagar, SO/H, Head, Fabrication facilities
The team consists of 25 members including Engineers and skilled technicians
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