Design & Manufacturing Technology Division
Inspection & Measurement Instruments

 Inspection & Measurement Facility
This facility is equipped with high precision measuring machines and equipment’s as follows;
  1. 3-Axes coordinate measuring machine
  2. Form Talysurf Series-2
  3. Roundness Measuring System
  4. Optical Profile Projector
  5. Vertical electronic height gauge
  6. Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Flatness checking gauge various types of instruments for length, outside and inside diameter measurement. Various types of accessories for checking geometric accuracies of machines.

3-Axes coordinate measuring machine

3-Axes coordinate measuring machine
Measuring capacity- 600 x 500 x400 mm
Make :- M/s LK Ltd, UK
Model :- G90C
Measuring Accuracies Linear-1.5+ L/300 micron., Vol.-2+L/250 micron.
CNC Controlled
Basic operating software.
Free form Digitizing.

Form Talysurf Series-2

Form Talysurf Series-2
Make :- M/s.Taylor Hobson, UK
Traversing length-120 mm.
Resolution-12.8 nm @ 10 mm range
Surface texture & Form Measurement software.

Roundness Measuring System

Roundness Measuring System
Make :- M/s. Taylor Hobson, UK
Model :- Talyrond 365
Max. Measuring Diameter 350mm
Rotational Accuracy (Radial) ±(0.02μm+0.0003μm/mm)
Roundness & Cylindricity measurement software

Optical Profile Projector

Optical Profile Projector
Make M/s.Nikon, Japan
Model :- V-16 E
Projection lens: 10 x, 20 x, 50 x
Measuring range: 225 mm x 75 mm
Resolution :- 0.001μm

Vertical Height Gauge

Vertical Height Gauge
Make :- M/s. Trimos, Switzerland.
Model :- TVD 1300A
Measuring range: 1000mm
Resolution: 0.001mm

Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument

Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument
Make :- M/s.Taylor Hobson, UK.
Model :- Surtronic 25
Gauge range: 300 μm Resolution: 0.01μm Parameters :- Ra, Rz, Rt etc.
Portable CMM
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