Cryogenic Engineering & Cryomagnet Technology Section

Cryogenics Facility


At the Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology established at Indore, Cryogenics is recognized as one of the thrust areas, since Cryogenics has a major role to play in both the main fields being pursued at RRCAT viz. accelerators and lasers. Cryogenics is also an essential requirement for conducting experiments with the Synchrotron Radiation Facility at RRCAT in terms of Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Helium.

Liquid Helium Facility

First Helium Liquefier was commissioned on July 12, 1989. Liquid helium is continuously available since the installation of the plant till date.
Till date more than 3,00,000 liters of liquid helium is produced and used by different users.

This is mainly due to closely monitored maintenance schedule and breakdowns/ repairs handled in-house.


Liquid Nitrogen Facility

First Nitrogen Liquefier was commissioned on July 09, 1989. The major use of liquid nitrogen in RRCAT, among others, is for vacuum application, such as liquid nitrogen traps, cryosorption pumps etc. Many users are also using liquid nitrogen for conducting experiments at low temperature.

Till date more than 8 lakh liters of Liquid nitrogen is produced and supplied to various users. Liquid nitrogen is continuously available since installation of the plant till date.

All the breakdowns and maintenance of both liquid nitrogen and Liquid Helium plants, since the time of commissioning, is being done by staff of CCDS. This has resulted in uninterrupted availability of both the cryogens to CAT users.


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