List of Journal Publications from RRCAT in 2008

By Author(A-Z)

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1.	Aditya L. K., Srivastava A.*, Sahoo S. K.*, Das P.*, Mukherjee C.*, Misra Abha*, Reddy V. R.*, Shinde R. S., Gupta A.*, Prasad S.*, Samajdar I.*, Nandedkar R.V.*, Venkataramani N.*
	Growth of textured nanocrystalline cobalt ferrite thin films by pulsed laser deposition
	Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 8, 4135-4140 (2008)

2.	Ahlawat S., Dasgupta R.,  Gupta P.K.                         
	Optical trapping near a colloidal cluster formed by a weakly focused laser beam
	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41, 105107-1-5 (2008)

3.	Ajimsha R.S.*, Jayaraj M.K.*, Kukreja L.M.
	Electrical characteristics of n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunction diodes grown by pulsed laser deposition at different oxygen pressures
	Journal of Electronic  Materials 37, 770-775 (2008)


4.	Badapanda M.K., Hannurkar
	Klystron bias power supplies for Indus-2 synchrotron radiation source
	IETE Journal of Research 54, 403-12 (2008)

5.	Bajwa N.*, Ingale A., Avasthi D.K.*, Kumar R., Tripathi A.*, Keya D.*, Jindal V. K.*
	Role of electron energy loss in modification of C60 thin films by swift heavy ions
	Journal Applied Physics 104, 54306 (2008)

6.	Banerjee Arup, Ghanty T.K.*, Chakrabarti A. 
	Ab Initio studies of properties of small potassium clusters                                                
	Journal of Physical Chemistry A 112, 12303-11 (2008)           

7.	Banerjee Arup, Harbola M.*                                     
	Hydrodynamical approach to collective oscillations in metal clusters
	Physics Letters A 372, 2881-86 (2008)

8.	Banerjee Arup, Autschbach J.*, Chakrabarti A.
	Time-dependent density-functional-theory calculation of the van der Waals coefficient C6 of alkali-metal atoms Li, Na, K; alkali-metal dimmersLi2, Na2, K2; sodium clusters Na n ; and fullerene C60
	Physical Review A 78, 032704-1-9 (2008)

9.	Banik S.*, Rawat R.*, Mukhopadhyay P.K.*, Ahuja B.L.*, Chakrabarti A. Paulose P.L.*, Singh S.*, Singh A.K.*, Pandey D.*, Barman S.R.* 
	Magnetoresistance behavior of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni1.75 Mn1.25 Ga
	Physical Review B 77, 224417-1-8 (2008)

10.	Bansod T., Shukla S.K., Kumar K.V.A.N.P.S., Kotaiah S.
	Study of initial dynamic pressure rise behaviour in Indus-2
	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 114, 012027 (2008)

11.	Barman S.R.*, Chakravarti A.
	Physical and electronic structure and magnetism of Mn2NiGa: experiment and density-functional theory calculations                                    
	Physical Review B 77, 176401-1-5 (2008)

12.	Barman S.R.*, Chakrabarti A., Singh S.*, Banik S.*, Bhardwaj S.*, Paulose P.L.*, Chalke B.A.*, Panda A.K.*, Mitra A.*, Awasthi A.M.*
	Theoretical prediction and experimental study of a ferromagnetic shape memory alloy: Ga2 Mn Ni
	Physical Review B 78, 134406-1-6  (2008)

13.	Bhalerao G.M., Sinha A.K., Sathe V.
	Defect-dependent annealing behavior of multi-walled carbon nanotubes 
	Physica E 41, 54-59 (2008)

14.	Bhardwaj S.*, Borage M., Tiwari S.
	Simplified loss analysis and comparison of full-bridge, full-range-ZVS DC-DC converters
	Sadhana 33, 481-504 (2008)

15.	Bhatnagar P.                                                    
	Magnified self filtering unstable resonator (MSFUR)
	Journal of Optics 37, 25-29 (2008)
16.	Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S., Bhatt R., Karnal A.K., Wadhawan V.K.*, Gupta P.K., Kumaragurubaran S.*, Kitamura K.*, Takekawa S.*,  Nakamura M.* 
	Dielectric and ac conductivity studies on undoped and MgO doped near-stoichiometric lithium tantalate crystals    
	Journal of Applied Physics 103, 074106-1-6 (2008) 
17.	Bhaumik I., Ganesamoorthy S., Bhatt R., Karnal A.K., Wadhawan V.K.*, Gupta P.K., Kitamura K.*, Takekawa S.*, Nakamura M.*
	The ferroelectric phase transition in lithium tantalite single crystals: a composition-dependence study         
	Journal of Applied Physics 103, 014108-1-4 (2008)

18.	Biswas B., Kumar V., Chouksay S., Krinshagopal S.
	Design, construction and characterization of a planar permanent magnet undulator
	Pramana 71, 1321-1333 (2008)

19.	Bobbili S.R., Naik P.A., Arora V., Singhal H., Chakravarty U., Khan R.A., Gupta P.D., Nakajima K.*, Kameshima T.*
	Initial experiments on laser-based electron acceleration at RRCAT, Indore
	IEEE Transaction on Plasma Science 36, 1694-1698 (2008)
20. 	Borage M., Tiwari S., Bhardwaj S., Kotaiah S.
	A full-bridge DC-DC converter with zero-voltage-switching over the entire conversion range
	IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 23, 1743-50 (2008) 
21.  	Bose B., Dube A.
	Photodynamic efficacy of chlorin p6: A pH dependent study in aqueous and lipid environment
	Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology 93, 32-35 (2008)




22.	Chakera J.A., Ali A.*, Tsui Y.Y.*, Fedosejevs R.*
	A continuous kilohertz Cu K? source produced by submillijoule femtosecond laser pulses for phase contrast imaging
	Applied Physics Letters 93, 26501-3 (2008)
23.	Chakrabarti A., Barman S.R.
	Electronic and structural properties of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys studied by density functional theory
    Advanced Materials Research 52, 165-174 (2008)
24.	Chakraborty R.*, Raja S.S.,  Ghosh, A.*
	Incomplete annular beam                       
	Optical Engineering 47, 028002-1-6 (2008)	
25.	Chatterjee S., Kumar P.Y. 
	Measurement of two-dimensionalsmall angle deviation with  a prism interferometer
	Applied Optics 47, 4900-4906 (2008)

26.	Chatterjee S., Kumar P.Y.
	Simple technique for the generation of white light Young’s fringes with a cyclic optical configuration
	Applied Optics 47, 2956-2960 (2008) 

27.	Chatterjee S., Kumar P.Y.
	Simple technique for the measurement of two-dimensional linear retardation distributions of wave plates with a phase-shifting Nomarski prism
	Applied Optics 47, 874-882 (2008) 
28.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy S.B.
	Metamagnetic transition and the anomalous virgin magnetization curve in Ce(Fe0.96Ru0.04)2                 
	Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20, 025209-1-6 (2008) 
29.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Sharma V.K., Roy S.B.
	Thermomagnetic history dependence of magnetocaloric effect in Ni50Mn34In16
	Applied Physics Letters 92, 022503-1-3 (2008)

30.	Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy S.B., Morrison K.*, Moore J.D.*, Perkins G.K.*, Cohen L.F.*, Gschneidner K.A. Jr.*, Pecharsky V.K.* 
	Visual evidence of the magnetic glass state and its re-crystallization in Gd5Ge4 
	Europhysics letters 83, 57006 (2008)
31.	Chaube R.
	Design criteria and numerical analysis of a stable dye laser with a curved flow cell
	Optical Engineering 47, 014301-1-7 (2008)
32.	Chauhan Y.*, Tiwari M.K., Puri S.*
	Li (i = 1-3) subshell X-ray production cross sections and fluorescence yields for some elements with  56 ? Z ? 68 at 22.6 keV
	Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section B 266, 30-36, (2008) 

33.	Choyal Y.*, Gupta L.*, Deshpande P.*, Maheshwari K.R.*, Mittal K.C.*, Bapna S.C.
	Development of a 2MW relativistic backward wave oscillator
	Pramana: Journal of Phsyics 71, 1301-1310 (2008)


34.	Das M.*, Trivedi R.*, Sen P.K.*, Khattak B. Q., Shankar P.R., Prasad R.*, Sen P.*
	Geometry optimization and second harmonic generation in para-nitroaniline formamide adduct
	Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials 17, 85-96 (2008)

35.	Das M.*, Trivedi R.*, Khattak B.Q., Ramshankar P., Sen P.*, Dolui S.K.*, Sen P.K.*
	Second harmonic generation in A-shaped organic molecules
	Journal of Nonlinear Optical Physics and Materials 17, 329-338 (2008)

36.	Dhaka R.S.*, Banik S.*, Shukla A.K.*, Vyas V.*, Chakrabarti A., Barman S.R.*, Ahuja B.L.* Sharma B.K.*                                                    
	Electronic structure of alpha- and Beta-brass
	Physical Review B 78, 073107-1-4 (2008)
37.	Dhaka R.S.*, Biswas C.*, Shukla A.K.*, Barman S.R.*, Chakrabarti A.
	Xe and Ar nanobubbles in Al studied by photoemission spectroscopy
	Physical Review B 77, 104119-1-12 (2008)

38.	Dixit V.K., Ganguli T., Sharma T.K., Singh S.D., Kumar R., Porwal S., Tiwari P., Ingale A., Oak S.M.
	Effect of two step growth process on structural, optical and electrical properties of MOVPE grown GaP/Si
	Journal of Crystal Growth 310, 3428 (2008)

39.	Dixit S.K., Mahakud R., Prakash O., Biswal R., Mittal J.K. 
	Role of optical resonator on the pointing stability of copper vapor laser beam
	Optics Communications 281, 2590-97 (2008)


40.	Ganesamoorthy S., Bhaumik I., Bhatt R., Karnal A. K., Gupta P.K., Kumaragurubaran S.*, Mohankumar R.*, Kitamura K.*, Takekawa S.*, Nakamura M*.
	A comparative study of dielectric relaxation in Sr0.61Ba0.39Nb2O6 Sr0.75Ba0.25Nb2O6
	Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1 47, 1012-15 (2008)
41.	Ganguli T., Kadir A.*, Gokhale M.*, Kumar R., Shah A.P.*, Arora B.M.*, Bhattacharya A.*
	Microstructure of InN epilayers deposited in a close-coupled shoerhead reactor
	Journal of Crystal Growth 310, 4942-4946 (2008)

42.	Ganguli T., Ingale A.
	Lineshape analysis of ZnSe longitudinal optical phonons near the Eo gap excitation of epitaZnSe/GaAs(001.)
	Physical Review B 77, 033202-1-4 (2008)

43.	George M.*, Muneera C.I.*, Singh. C.P., Bindra K.S., Oak S.M.                                            
	Z-scan studies and optical limiting of nanosecond laser pulses in neutral red dye
	Optics & Laser Technology 40, 373-378 (2008)    
44.	Ghodke D.V., Chatterjee K.*, Fernandes B.G.*                
	Modified one-cycle controlled bidirectional high-power-factor AC-to-DC converter 
	IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 55, 2459-72 (2008) 
45.	Ghodke D.V., Chatterjee K.*, Fernandes B.G.* 
	Three-phase three level, soft switched, phase shifted PWM DC-–DCconverter for high power applications 
	IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics 23, 1214-1227 (2008) 

46.	Ghosh H.
	Ground and excited state nonlinear optical properties of poly(-para phenylene vinylene)
	Synthetic Metals 158, 320-329 (2008)

47.	Gilankar S.G., Kush P.K.
	Experimental verification of capture coefficients for a cylindrical cryopanel of closed cycle refrigerator cryopump
	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 114, 012058 (2008)

48.	Guo-Liang J.*, YU W.*, Li Ying-Jun*, Senecha V., Zhao-Yang C.*, An-Le L.*
	Acceleration of initially moving electrons by a copropagation intense laser pulse 
	Chinese Physics Letters 25, 2147-50 (2008)

49.	Gupta D.*, Paul C.P., Gandhi B.K.*, Gupta S.R.*, Nath A.K.*
	Wear behavior of laser clad surfaces of Cr3C2, WC and Mo on austenitic AISI 304L steel
	Journal of Laser Applications 20, 140-145 (2008)
50.	Gupta P.D., Naik P.A.
	Ultra-intense laser plasma interaction studies at RRCAT, Indore
	The Review of Laser Engineering 36, 1119-1122 (2008) 


51.	Irimpan L.*, Deepthy A.*, Krishnan B.*, Kukreja L.M., Nampoori V.P.N.*, Radhakrishnan P.*
	Effect of self assembly on the nonlinear optical characteristics of ZnO thin films 
	Optics Communications 281, 2938-43 (2008)


52.	Jain A., Sharma D.K., Gupta A.K., Hannurkar P.R.
	High power solid state rf amplifier for proton accelerator 
	Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 014702-1-7 (2008) 

53.	Jayabalan J., Singh A., Chari R., Srivastava H.*, Mukhopadhyay P.K.*, Srivastava A.K.* Oak S.M.       
	Aggregated nanoplatelets: optical properties and optically induced deaggregation                         
	Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20, 445222-1-8 (2008)
54.	Jayabalan J., Singh M.P., Banerjee A., Rustagi K.C.* 
	Linear and nonlinear second-order polarizabilities of hemispherical and sector-shaped metal nanoparticles 
	Physical Review B 77, 045421-1-10 (2008) 
55.	Jayasankar C.K.*, Balakrishnaiah R.*, Venkatramu V.*, Joshi A.S., Speghini A.*, Bettinelli M.* 
	Luminescence characteristics of Nd3+-doped K- Ba-Al-fluorophosphate laser glasses 
	Journal of Alloys and Compounds 451, 697-0 (2008)
56.	Jha G.C.*, Nath A.K., Roya S.K.*       
	Study of edge effect and multi-curvature in laser bending of AISI 304 stainless steel
	AApplied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 90, 351-358 (2008)

57.	Joshi M.P., Raj Mohan S., Dhami T.S., Jain B., Singh M.K., Ghosh H., Shripathi T.*, Deshpande U.P.*         
	Enhanced optoelectronic properties of UV-light-induced photodegraded TPD 
	Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 90, 351-358 (2008)



58.	Kadir A.*, Mukhopadhyay S.*, Ganguli T., Galande C.* Gokhale M.R.*, Arora B.M.*, Raychaudhuri P.*, Bhattacharya A.*
	Non-intrinsic superconductivity in InN epilayers: role of indium oxide
  	Solid State Communications 146, 361-364( 2008)

59.	Kamath M.P., Tripathi P.K., Kulkarni A.P., Chandra R., Joshi A.S., Navathe C.P., Gupta P.D. 
	Design, development and performance characteristics of a large aperture disc amplifier for high power Nd: Glass laser chain 
  	Sadhana 33, 443-53( 2008)
60.  	Kar S., Bartwal K.S. 
	Cu2+ ion in-diffusion in congruent LiNbO3 single crystals 
	Materials Letters 62, 3934-36 ( 2008)

61.	Kar S., Verma S., Bartwal K.S.
	Growth optimization and optical characteristics of Fe doped LiNbO3 crystals
	Crystal Growth and Design 8, 4424–4427 (2008)

62.	Kar S., Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.
	High Resolution XRD studies on Mg, Cr and Nd doped LiNbO3 crystals 
	The Open Crystallography Journal 1, 1-5 (2008)

63.	Kar S., Verma S., Bartwal K.S.
	Investigations on the optical homogeneity of LBO crystals 
	Cryst. Res. & Technol. 43, 438-442 (2008)

64.	Kar S., Bartwal K.S. 
	Reduction of domain wall width in VTE treated near stoichiometric LiNbO3 crystals.               
	Crystal Research Technology 43, 679-82 (2008)

65.	Kaul R., Mahajan S.*, Kain V.*, Ganesh P., Chandra K.*, Nath A.K.*, Prasad R.C.*                          
	Laser surface treatment for enhancing intergranular corrosion resistance of AISI type 304 stainless steel  
	Corrosion 64, 755-63 (2008)

66.	Keller M.D.*, Kanter E.M.*, Lieber C.A.*, Majumder S.K., Hutchings J.*, Ellis D.L.*, Beaven R.B.*, Stone N.*, Mahadevan-Jansen A.* 
	Detecting temporal and spatial effects of epithelial cancers with Raman spectroscopy
	Disease Markers 25, 323-337 (2008)

67.	Kohli D.K., Khardekar R.K., Singh R., Gupta P.K.
	Glass micro container based hydrogen storage scheme
	International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 33, 417-422 (2008)

68.	Krishnan S.. Bindra K.S, Oak S.M.
	A sensitive and high dynamic range CW laser power meter
	Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 125101 (2008)

69.	Krishnan S., Singh S., Ray A. *, Tiwari V.B., Rawat H.S.
	High S/N ratio photo detector system for sensitive atomic physics experiments
	Journal of the Instrument Society of India 38, 299-307 (2008)
70.	Kukreja L.M., Koslowski B.*, Steiner R.*, Plettl A.*, Ziemann P.*
	Direct observation of slow morphological transformations and wetting behavior of pulsed laser deposited sub-monolayer gold on (0001) sapphire in atmosphere
	Applied Surface Science 254, 7336-7341 (2008)

71.	Kumar R.G., Raj S.G., Saxena A., Karnal A.K., Raghavalu T., Mohan M.
	Deuteration effects on structural, thermal, linear and nonlinear properties of L-threonine single crystals
	Materials Chemistry and Physics 108, 359-63 (2008) 

72.	Kumar S., Roy S., Paul C.P., Nath A.K.
	Three-dimensional conduction heat transfer model for laser cladding process
	Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals 53, 271-287 (2008) 

73.	Kumar U.K.*, Babu P.*, Jang K.H.*, Seo H.J.*, Jayasankar C.K.*, Joshi A.S.
	Spectroscopic and 1.06 mm  laser properties of Nd3+ -doped K-Sr-Al phosphate and fluorophosphates glasses
	Journal of Alloys and Compounds 458, 509- (2008) 


74.	Lal S., Pant K.K., Krishnagopal S.
	A new two-step tuning procedure for a photocathode gun
	Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research: Section A 592, 180-189 (2008)

75.	Late D.J.*, Date K.S.*, More M.A.*, Misra P., Singh B.N., Kukreja L.M., Dharmadhikari C.V.*, Joag D.S.*  
	Enhanced field emission from LaB6 thin films with nanoprotrusions grown by pulsed laser deposition on Zr foil.                                                 
	Applied Surface Science 254, 3601-05 (2008)

76.	Late D.J.*, Date K.S.*, More M.A.*, Misra P., Singh B.N., Kukreja L.M., Dharmadhikari C.V.*, Joag D.S.*  
	Some aspects of pulsed laser deposited nanocrystalline LaB6 film: atomic force microscopy, constant force current imaging and field emission investigations                                       
	Nanotechnology 19, 265605- (2008)

77.	Lei A.*, Yu W.*, Tian Y. *, Xu H. *, Wang X. *, Yang X. *, Senecha V.K.
	Effect of focus position on a high intensity laser propagation in a dense plasma
	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 112, 1-4 (2008) 

78.	Lieber C.A. *, Majumder S.K., Ellis D.L. *, Billheimer D.D.*, Mahadevan-Jansen A.* 
	In vivo nonmelanoma skin cancer diagnosis using Raman microspectroscopy 
	Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 40, 461-467 (2008)



79.	Majumder S.K., Keller M.D.*, Boulos F.I.*, Kelley M.C.*, Mahadevan-Jansen A.*
	Comparison of autofluorescence, diffuse reflectance, and Raman spectroscopy for breast tissue discrimination
	Journal of Biomedical Optics 13, 054009 (2008)

80.	Manekar M., Roy S.B.
	Nucleation and growth dynamics across the antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in (Fe0.975Ni0.025)50Rh50: analogy with crystallization
	Journal of Physics: Condensed  Matter 20, 325208- (2008)

81.	Manekar M.A., Roy S.B.
	Reproducible room temperature giant magnetocaloric effect in Fe-Rh 
	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41, 192004 (2008) 
82.	Manivannan S.*, Dhanuskodi1 S.*, Tiwari S.K., Philip J.*                                                      
	Laser induced surface damage, thermal transport and microhardness studies on certain organic and semiorganic non`linear optical crystals 
	Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 90, 489-96 (2008) 

83.	Mishra S.R., Ram S.P., Tiwari S.K., Mehendale S.C.
	Enhanced atom transfer in a double magneto-optical trap setup
	Physical Review A 77, 065402- (2008)
84.	Misra P., Ranganathan K., Oak S.M. 
	High efficiency TEM00 mode, diode-pumped, conduction-cooled, Nd:YAG zig-zag slab laser
	Optics Communications 281, 658-662 (2008)

85.	Mohan S.R., Joshi M.P., Singh M.P.
	Charge transport in disordered organic solids: a Monte Carlo simulation study on the effects of film morphology
	Organic Electronics 9, 355 (2008)

86.	Mohanty S.K., Uppal A., Gupta P.K. 
	Optofluidic stretching of RBCs using single optical tweezers
	Journal of Biophotonics 1, 522-525 (2008)

87.	Mohanty S.K., Rao K.D., Gupta P.K.
	Surface plasmon resonance enhancement: effects on optical trapping and manipulation of nano-objects
	Journal of Nanophotonics 2, 023509 (2008)

88.	Mondal P., Manekar M., Kumar Ravi, Ganguli T., Roy S.B.
	Superconducting properties of nanocrystalline Nb3Al in Nb-Al matrics 
	Applied Physics Letters 92, 052507-1-3 (2008)

89.	Moore J.D.*, Perkins G.K.*, Morrison K.*, Ghivelder L.*, Chattopadhyay M.K., Roy S.B., Chaddah P., Gschneidner K.A. Jr.*, Pecharsky V.K.*, Cohen L.F.*
	Local probing of arrested kinetics in Gd5Ge4 
	Journal of Physics: Condensed matter 20, 465212 (2008) 

90.	Moorti A., Naik P.A., Gupta P.D., Bhat R.K. 
	Formation of single pinched plasma point in the cathode plasma jet of a multi-ps laser triggered vacuum discharge
	Review of Scientific Instruments 79, 93501  (2008)



91.	Naik S.R.*, Rai S., Chattopadhyay M.K., Sharma V.K., Majumdar S.*, Lodha G.S. 
	Structural and transport properties of ferromagnetically coupled Fe/Si/Fe trilayers 
	Journal of Applied Physics 104, 063525 (2008)

92.	Naik S.R., Rai S., Tiwari M.K., Lodha G.S.
	Structural asymmetry of Si/Fe and Fe/Si interface in Fe/Si multilayers
	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41, 115307 (2008)



93.	Pandiyan K.*, Kang Y.S.*, Lim H.H.*, Kim B.Y.*, Prakash O., Cha M.*
	Poling quality evaluation of periodically poled lithium niobate using diffraction method
	Journal of Optical Society of Korea 3, 205-209 (2008)

94.	Pandiyar M.L., Prasad M., Jain S.K., Kumar R., Hannurkar P.R.
	Ultra high vacuum test setup for electron gun
	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 114, 012061- (2008)

95.	Pareek R., Kumbhare M.N., Mukherjee C., Joshi A.S., Gupta P.D.
	Effect of oil vapor contamination on the performance of porous silica sol-gel antireflection-coated optics in   vacuum spatial filters of high-power neodymium glass laser 
	Optical Engineering 47, 023801-1-5 (2008)       

96.	Parvathavarthini N.*,  Dayal R. K.*, Kaul R., Ganesh P. Khare J., Nath A.K., Mishra S.K., Samajdar* I.
	Novel laser surface treatment approach to suppress sensitization in modified type 316(N) 
	Science and Technology of Welding and Joining 13,  335-343 (2008)

97.	Paul C.P., Khajepour A.*
	Automated laser fabrication of cemented carbide components
	Optics & Laser Technology 40, 735-741 (2008)

98.	Prakash O., Lim H.H.*, Kim B.J.*, Pandiyan K.*, Cha M.*, Rhee B.K.*
	Collinear broadband optical parametric generation in periodically poled lithium niobate crystals by group velocity matching 
	Applied Physics B: Laser and Optics 92, 535-541 (2008)



99.	Rachna S., Bhattacharyya S.*, Gupta S.M.
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	Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 69, 822-829 (2008)

100.	Rachna S, Gupta S.M., Bhattacharyya S.*
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102.     Rai, V.N., Yueh, F.Yu* and Singh, J.P.*
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        Applied Optics 47, G21-G29 (2008) 

103.	Raj Mohan S., Joshi M.P., Singh M.P.                                        
	Charge transport in disordered organic solids: a Monte Carlo simulation study on the effects of film morphology
	Organic Electronics 9, 355-368 (2008)  

104.	Raja Sekhar B.N., Choudhary R.J.*, Phase R.J.*, Kumar S.
	Dispersion of resonant Raman peaks of CO and OH in SnO2, Mo1-xFexO2 thin films and SiO2 bulk glass
	Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 41, 245302 (2008)

105.	Ramesh Kumar G.*, Raj S.G.*, Saxena A., Karnal A.K., Raghavalu T.*, Mohan M.*
	Deuteration effects on structural, thermal, linear and nonlinear properties of L-threonine single crystals
	Materials Chemistry and Physics 108, 359-363 (2008)
106.	Rao B.S., Naik P.A., Arora V., Singhal H., Chakravarty U., Khan R.A., Gupta P.D., Nakajima K.*,  Kameshima T.* 
	Initial experiments on laser based electron acceleration at RRCAT, Indore
	IEEE Transactions Plasma Science 36, 1694 (2008)

107.	Rajendiran P., Desphande A.U., Bhushan I., Parihar Y.S. 
	Identification of users' information needs: an analysis of inter-library loan requests for journals selection
	DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology 28, 56-59 (2008) 
108.	Ratnakala K.C., Tiwari S.K., Shukla S.K., Kotaiah S.
	Outgassing rate measurement of copper plated stainless steel
	Journal of Physics: Conference Series 114, 012056 (2008)

109.	Roy. S.B., Myneni G.R.*, Sahni V.C.
	On the reliable determination of the magnetic field for first flux-line penetration in technical niobium material
	Superconductivity Science and Technology 21, 065002 (2008)

110.	Roy S.B., Chaddah P., Pecharsky V.K.*, Gschneidner K.A. Jr.* 
	Overview No. 145 Metamagnetic transitions, phase coexistence and metastability in functional magnetic materials 
	Acta Materialia 56, 5895 (2008)

111.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.                                        
	An efficient co-doping of Eu and Er in CaAI2O4 aluminate phosphor
	Physica B: Condensed Matter 403, 3195-98 (2008)

112.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.                                        
	Cr3 doping optimization in  CaAl2O4 ;  Eu 2+ blue phosphor 
	Journal of Alloys and Compound  464, 317-21 (2008)  

113.	Ryu H.*, Lee J.B.*, Bartwal K.S.                            
	Effect of Mg substitution on photoluminescence of Mgx Ca1-x Al 2O4: Eu 2+, Nd 3+                                         
	Physica B: Condensed Matter 403, 3822-3825 (2008)

114.	Ryu H. *, Singh B.K. *, Bartwal K.S.
	Effect of Sr substitution on photoluminescent properties of BaAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+
	Physica B: Physics of Condensed Matter 403, 126-130 (2008)

115.	Ryu H.*, Bartwal K.S.
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Compiled by RRCAT SIRC